Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hi there, so we had the final inspection today.

So, turns out that a builder can change the contract without telling you.

When you requested a certain tap mixer for the kitchen, privacy door handles for the bathroom, W/C and master this doesn't matter. Apparently they can change this on the contract that YOU signed originally without notifying you and then when you say... Where are these items? They can then say... ITS NOT IN THE CONTRACT?

Great dodgy service here!!!

When making appointments, apparently it's ok if they forget which day and what time? This is the second appointment made with the site supervisor (this time with written documentation) providing date and time. And as per previous appointment, the site supervisor conveniently confused the dates and times. Therefore, our final inspection started off with the construction manager and eventually the site supervisor arrived to complete this process.

Oh, also let me add that with this being the final inspection day they had three contractors there. One was FINALLY adding the capping that has been sitting in the house for nearly 3-4months waiting to be put up. Then we had the painters doing finishing touch ups and the kitchen contractor putting in the door to the top cupboards after a couple of months also. So really, this house was NOT ready for the final inspection. architraves. However, they obviously did this to shut us up!!!

Can someone tell me if it is normal when painting the walls and skirting that you can see where they have gone off the skirting onto the wall? so the finished painting is not straight? Same as the roof skirting, they have the wall colour on the architraves.

Basically now, we are just ready for hand over so that we do not have to deal with this ridiculous excuse for a company any longer! Final matter - DO NOT EXPECT ANY COMMUNICATION. U WILL HAVE TO MAKE ALL CONTACT. I AM UNSURE IF THEIR PHONES CAN CALL OUT?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We found a major issue with the house today, the front porch brickwork is not at at the correct height it sets lower then the plan will post figures soon...

Update they told me that the house is correct to the contact but is different to the display, have not given reason for this.