Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi there,

So I know it's been a while. We moved in on the agreed date.

So on the final inspection, again our awesome site supervisor double booked and conveniently forgot about our meeting. So we had the construction manager come out to meet with us. The final inspection began approximately 1/2 hr to 40mins late! Eventually the site supervisor arrived. Surprisingly the site supervisor arrived BEFORE us for the handover inspection.

So the guys installing the oven left the mess there along with the box full of crap from the day and the bin was taken away before we could put it in.

The kitchen guys had to amend the bulk head for the top cupboard. I couldn't be bothered arguing with 6 guys that it was STILL not straight. So I just let them do it and leave!!!!

We have also notice with the underneath on the top cupboards, one side is the designed laminate and the other side is white laminate??? I still need to confirm if this is how the display is? When installing the oven, they have used a blunt hole saw/drill bit and it has ripped through the laminate on the inside. So a 2" hole then becomes 4". (Sort of) basically there is about another 2" of chipboard you see instead of the white laminate. However, we requested they fix this. It was fixed by placing a thin piece of white laminate over it and drilled through. Awesome enough, they did exactly the same thing with this piece.

The splash back has grown on me. I must say, ignoring those issues I really like my kitchen.

Carlisle have great ideas. In the laundry, they put the power and taps for the washing machine inside the laundry sink cupboard. In theory this is awesome. So they put the power on the top shelf and the taps on the second shelf. They drilled one hole connecting to the lower shelf. So, just pull out the shelf you say to drill a connecting hole? well no, this has silicone all around the pipes connected to the shelf. We could not pull the shelf out without cutting through the pipes. So we had to drill a hole through the shelf from within the cupboard. We managed to do this without ripping through the laminate? It's really not that hard?

The painting is still crap! We asked several times for the second sink in the en suite to be connected. We couldn't use it until last week. So 2mths with several phone calls and one email!! So perhaps the site supervisor didn't like us or something, but we wouldn't have to be such pains in the ass if people weren't so incompetent at their jobs!!!!

Most issues from the final inspection were being fixed on the day of handover.

We have installed the flooring ourselves. It's not too bad. I don't like it much as the colour doesn't look the same once it's in the house compared to the store. However, everyone that has seen it seems to like it?

We have set up all rooms now. The theatre is just missing the back speakers for the roof and curtains. (They will be on all four walls and open up in the middle at the front). The projector is awesome and so clear. The playstation & xbox is soooo much more fun :D Wiring and speakers we purchased/are purchasing from Selby Acoustics in Hallam. Price comparison to anywhere else is AWESOME!!!!

We got the fly screens done too. That cost about $700 through A & L Windows. They already have the plans from when they do the windows for building. Our cat cannot get used to these tho. She has run into the back fly screen door several times? (Unfortunately, this is hilarious and puts me on the floor laughing nearly every time!)

We also got our curtains done by The Curtain Warehouse in Hallam. We dealt with Kelly. She is awesome. They look great! We couldn't get curtains for the whole house straight up, so we still have some windows missing covers. I made some 'temporary' curtains until we can get the permanent curtains. They don't look too bad. But Kelly's are much better :D.

We did up a white laminate desk for the study. It doesn't look too bad :D. We also got a long seat/cushion that opens for under the window also for the study.

We still haven't bought any fittings i.e. toilet roll holders, towel rails etc. Thats probably next month. We also need to get a dining table before Christmas!

Kurt has installed 3 down lights out of the pack of 12 he purchased.

There is probably so much more to add, but I think I'll leave it at that for now :)

Have fun :D