Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Right, so after much discussion between management and ourselves; we are now CONFIRMED for handover on the 11/08/2009.

Carlisle have also decided to install the correct tap ware requested from the beginning along with door handles at no charge. However, the tap shouldn't be charged to start with.

They have also agreed to at least look at the paint job this time. As was mentioned in the previous blog, the painting is crap basically. However, when this was mentioned at the final inspection we were advised that you would never get it perfect. This I agree with, but it does look like a preschooler has been painting on the edges.

It has now been exactly 1 week since the inspection and all that has been done out of four pages of issues, is paint touch ups (not painted yet) just bogged.

Ah, OMG just give us the keys and be done with it all! Pretty much we are just OVER it!