Saturday, June 13, 2009

So, the bulk heads have been raised from 2150 to 2350. It definitely opens the place up alot!!
They have also finished the painting of the house. Electrical work
is done and wall tiles are also done. We are apparently waiting for the 400x400 tiles to come in from a ship somewhere? Which are due Wednesday next week. However, Carlisle conveniently advised that they could provide the 330x330 tiles. Obviously we said NO! But then our tiler is going on holidays overseas?

Our site supervisor has advised that they cannot do anymore work on the house until the tiler is finished? personally i think this is bullshit, but hey I'm not a builder! I guess,
men can only do one thing at a time right? haha!

Oh, also the rendering to the front of the house is only half up this one wall which looks ridiculous. But they are apparently going to fix it and do it all the way up?

Anyway, so delays on the house. Instead of being in Mid July, we are looking at probably Mid-Late August. So once we have photos we will post them!

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